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Kilobytes to Megabytes

In this kilobytes to megabytes category you can find our entries explaining the conversion of a particular amount of kB to MB in full detail. We always show you the specific conversion formula, and go on describing the math. We then list the result using different symbols, along with their explanation. Our articles not only cover x kilobytes to megabytes, but also x kibibytes to mebibytes, abbreviated as KiB and MiB, respectively. In every article we also discuss the use of the units to eliminate ambiguity. What’s more is that each article also contains a few lines regarding the transfer rates in the context, in addition to digital storage and capacity which is the subject matter of each post. Directions regarding further information about the units, and a form to leave comments or to ask questions are also part of every entry in this category. On top of all is our kilobyte to megabyte converter.