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Welcome to MB to kB, our article about megabytes to kilobytes.

Here we tell you everything you want to know about converting these multiples of the unit byte used in digital storage to measure data capacity. 🙂

Make sure to understand that is makes a difference whether the the “b” in MB and KB is a small letter or a large letter.



Simply the Best MB ⇄ kB Converter! Click To TweetThe letter B means bytes whereas b would denote bits, which is usually 8 times less as one byte is usually made up of eight bits.

The “M” in MB stands for mega, a decimal prefix denoting one million.

By definition, the M is always a majuscule.

In contrast to the k in kilo, which is always written as small letter and represents thousand as decimal prefix.

How many kB in a MB?

In the context here means how many kilobytes in a megabyte?

If you have been looking for how many kb in Mb then this translates to how many kilobits in a megabit?

Although the ratio mega to kilo ratio is always 1000 for all units, this page is primarily intended to be about megabyte in kilobyte.

How many kB in a MB: 1000 – Thousand kilobytes equal one megabyte
How many kb in a Mb: 1000 – Thousand kilobits equal one megabit

Remember the mega to kilo ratio of 1000 / 1 and you can convert all units.

Next we show you the formula for converting the units.

How to Convert MB to kB?

As one MB (1000 * 1000 B) is 1000 kB the formula to change the units is [kB] = [MB] x 1000.

Thus, we can use:

1000 kB = 1 MB
1000 Kilobyte = 1 Megabyte

To help you with the conversion we have created a calculator which you can find right below.

It also accepts input in mebibyte (1024^2 B) with the unit symbol MiB, and transforms the value to the unit kibibyte, which is 1024 B. The symbol for kibibytes is KiB.

The difference between KiB and KB and MiB and MB is the base.

Whereas the decimal prefixes kilo (10^3 = 1000) and mega (10^6 = 1000^2) denote multiples of 1000 and have 10 as base, the binary prefixes kibi (2^10 = 1024) and mebi (2^20 = 1024^2) are multiples of 1024 with the base 2.

About our App

Using our tool at the top of this page is really easy.

Just enter the value in megabyte, then press the convert button to obtain the result in kilobytes.

If you wish to make another conversion press reset.

We suggest you bookmark our tool now, and note that you can convert kB to MB here.

MB to kb Conversion

We have already explained you the transformation, but we would like to bring to your attention that you can also find frequent conversions by using the search form which we have placed on the sidebar of this site.

What you have learned about megabyte to kilobyte refers to the storage of data.

If you would like to convert transfer rates you can do so here, on our page mbps to kbps, which tells you everything you want to know about changing mbps in kbps.

We would like to summarize our article about megabytes to kilobytes using an image:

About This Site

We have created this page to help people with the mb conversion.

In particular, the similar symbols kb and kB can be quite confusing, and what’s more is that there are also kiB and MiB which we have discussed above, let alone that there are also kib and Mib.

Frequent conversions in this category include, for instance:

Note that some vendors are not following the definitions for the multiples of the unit byte, and that some electronic equipment may mean 1024 bytes when referring to kilobytes.

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